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About Us

The Portsmouth District Community Association is committed to finding ways to promote and advocate for the interests of residents & businesses of Portsmouth District. New members are welcome.

We’re a small but growing community association and we’re looking to evolve into a group where active and involved folks who live in the Portsmouth District to become engaged and involved in the growth and success of our community. Come and be a part of the PDCA where you can be involved in the shape and growth of this dynamic and beautiful district of Kingston. Join our association and be engaged the decisions that affect our waterfront, public services such as schools, parks and gardens and get the latest information in community events. If you’d like to join the association, you’ll be supporting our PDCA community events and have the option to receive our newsletters which bring you up to date information on activities and developments that affect all of us.

Our Primary Objectives are to:Preserve and enhance the quality of life for residents of Portsmouth District Advance the interests of the community of Portsmouth We aim to achieve these objectives by: Acting as advocates for the interests of residents of Portsmouth District to appropriate officials, agents and groups on questions that impact the community Liaising and partnering with other agents and organizations about matters which impact Portsmouth District and the City of Kingston
Preserving historic Portsmouth Village as a heritage area Organizing and promoting community events
Developing the means to communicate with members Optional Donation or Membership: Family: $15 Single: $10


Twitter:  Portsmouth D.C.A.    @PortsmouthYGK

The official Twitter of the Portsmouth District Community Association, the neighbourhood association serving, Portsmouth, Calvin Park, Polson Park, and Fairway Hills.