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Upcoming Events

2017 Annual General Meeting – Thank you for Attending!

Sincere thanks to all those who turned out for our 2017 Annual General Meeting on Sunday November 19 and made it such a success. Thanks as well to the city staff who presented at the meeting, providing valuable information and on a number of important issues.

Lanie Hurdle, Commissioner, Community Services & Deputy CAO, shares updates on the KP/PoH Visioning and Provincial Campus projects and more. Deanna Green, Manager with the Traffic Division Engineering Department, provided updates on Traffic safety and controls. Jim Miller, Director of Engineering, Utilities and Human Resources spoke about the Sewer Reversal project. Please visit this page to access handouts of the presentations.

Nuisance Party Bylaw – City Sponsored Public Meeting on Thursday November 27, 2017

The City of Kingston is exploring the concept of a Nuisance Party Bylaw as a local enforcement tool. The introduction of a Nuisance Party Bylaw would provide Police and Bylaw Enforcement with the ability, under one City-wide bylaw, to address the negative impacts on neighbourhoods of behaviours associated with large social gatherings.

Have a Seat at Our Table…or any Table!

This is a very dynamic time for our district…with large initiatives as well as ongoing improvements, affecting pedestrian and bike safety, the Kingston Penitentiary Visioning, the Provincial Campus, Heritage designation and more.
There are opportunities to join city working groups and contribute to the discussions, processes and influence decisions around these issues.

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