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Upcoming Events

Jane’s Walk 2018 – Portsmouth Harbour Tour

Since the 1830s, the harbour in Portsmouth Village (part of Kingston since 1952) has been a place of maritime trade, ship-building and industry. This included wharves, marine railways, a tannery and a brewery (and taverns!), as well as activities associated with the building of and supplying Kingston Penitentiary. Find out more about the rich history of this area in your city during this year’s Jane’s Walk.

Referendum Question on the 2018 Municipal Election Ballot

The Corporation of the City of Kingston has passed Bylaw 2018-046, regarding the placement of the following question on the 2018 municipal election ballot:
Are you in favour of using Ranked Ballot Voting to elect the Mayor and District Councillors in the City of Kingston?
The number of eligible electors will be determined based on the Voters’ List as amended at the close of voting on Oct. 22, 2018.

Central Kingston Growth Strategy – March 28, 2018 Open House

The Planning Division of the city of Kingston is launching the Central Kingston Growth Strategy with an open house on Wednesday, March 28, 2018 from 6 to 8:30 p.m. at Memorial Hall, City Hall, 216 Ontario St. The Strategy aims to create a policy and regulatory framework to guide infill and intensification in the central area of the City. The open house will feature a presentation and interactive stations with opportunities to share your thoughts about your neighbourhood.

Short-term Accommodations

In preparation to start the Short-term Accommodations Introductory Discussions, the City has prepared a set of background documents that are available on the City’s website (Kingston STA Context & Policy; Learning From Others) to provide context on the status of short term accommodations in Kingston and what other communities have done.

Nuisance Party Bylaw – City Sponsored Public Meeting on Thursday November 27, 2017

The City of Kingston is exploring the concept of a Nuisance Party Bylaw as a local enforcement tool. The introduction of a Nuisance Party Bylaw would provide Police and Bylaw Enforcement with the ability, under one City-wide bylaw, to address the negative impacts on neighbourhoods of behaviours associated with large social gatherings.

Have a Seat at Our Table…or any Table!

This is a very dynamic time for our district…with large initiatives as well as ongoing improvements, affecting pedestrian and bike safety, the Kingston Penitentiary Visioning, the Provincial Campus, Heritage designation and more.
There are opportunities to join city working groups and contribute to the discussions, processes and influence decisions around these issues.

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