Short-term Accommodations Introductory Discussions

Short-term accommodations are residential, private dwellings that are rented to provide sleeping accommodations to a paying guest for a limited amount of time (generally less than 28 days).  Short-term accommodations come in many forms, and there are many online platforms for short-term accommodations which have active listings for vacation rentals in Kingston, including Airbnb, VRBO, and others.

In preparation to start the Short-term Accommodations Introductory Discussions, the City has prepared a set of background documents that are available on the City’s website (Kingston STA Context & PolicyLearning From Others) to provide context on the status of short term accommodations in Kingston and what other communities have done.

The city is initiating a dialogue about this emerging use and what this means for Kingston.  At this time, we do not have a specific policy for review.  Rather, this is an introductory discussion on the topic to garner initial thoughts on key topics and to share what we have learned so far.

You are invited to:

Once initial input is received, City Staff will review to determine next steps and will share what we heard in an information report to Council in the following months.